A Maid's Tail

A Maid’s Tail: The Catgirl Maid Erotica Series

Making it as a writer is hard work, especially when you haven’t sold any thing in months. For Kim Williams, her dream of being a professional wordsmith is just out of reach and nothing is going right; rent is past due and she hasn’t made a sale in months.

Dangerously close to being homeless and out of options, the desperate artist answers a want ad looking for a very specific kind of maid. What she doesn’t realize is that this decision will take her on an adventure into the strange and exotic realm of fetish maids and redefine her meaning of ‘house keeping’ forever.

Book 1: The Making of a Catgirl Maid

Follows Kim as she gets acclimated to this new lifestyle and how she adapts to demanding employers with a half-empty stomach.

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Book 2: Earning the Bell

Having proven herself worthy of the mantle of the McKenna family housekeeper (and house catgirl), Kim is thrown a curveball when the daughter of the house’s master comes to visit for a bit. Walking a tightrope between doing her service to the family and trying to calm the tensions between the mistress of the household and the master’s daughter without taking sides.

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Book 3: The Dancing Kitten

Duty and pride in a well groomed, curvy package Kim’s confidence and competency as the family maid has been growing, giving her the power to truly chase her dreams. However when the daughter of her master finds out that Kim has been writing thinly veiled erotica about them sparks and fur fly as Kim has to confess her ‘crimes’ to her masters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Catgirl Maid?

So, funny story. . . .my girlfriend inspired this during a fanciful tear into a costume bin in which she found a maid’s outfit. We got fooling around and something about the idea just resonated with me. Then I had to ask myself what’d happen if I hired a person to do my housekeeping in such a manner?

Turns out, I’m not the only one with this kind of fantasy. Who knew?

Why Kissa Colt?

This series has been relaunched under a pen name “Kissa Colt” to keep the Silverwolf ‘branding’ for my main fantasy series. I don’t like having to do that, but these’re the realities of the market and there will be people who like this stuff who’d never touch my fantasy work and vice versa.