Succubus's Silver Series

Succubus's Silver

Chinnamani is a half-succubus cursed to solve one problem in the life of whomever should hold her silver coin. She’s been enjoying a few months vacation stealing misery from the poorest of New York’s citizens and selling pizza on the side.

When a bereaved woman arrives at her pizza cart with the coin she knows her vacation is over, but it's about to get a lot worse when a nosy police woman begins investigating her shady activities. Being born of demon blood gives her a lot of tools to solve her problems, and anything that that can’t be fixed with seduction, lockpicks or a crowbar usually bends to the might of her .454 revolver.

But her ‘client’ has secrets of her own and the dogged determination of Sergeant Laidlaw could lead to her entire life getting turned inside out and exposing the world to the truth they’re not meant to know.

Download Current WIP Draft in PDF format (Updated May 6th 2018)

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